For those who decide to redesign their interior, here’s an idea that’s all there is: retro decorating. A return to the roots for a personalized design.

Neo-retro decoration: sofas, coffee table and carpets. Sober and refined

Resolution: change the decor

The new year is the year of resolutions. 2019 will not escape it and many of you will decide to change your look, resume sport, quit smoking or change the decoration of your home. And why not, adopt a vintage style?

Retro has invaded fashion and is positioning itself as THE major trend of the moment. Why not empty your living room without any contemporary consideration, for a totally retro decor? Coffee table, antique furniture, carpets and vintage sofas can take place in your new living space, without spending a fortune if you are a bit of a hunter.

Another possibility is the neo-retro decoration that combines the old and the new. Chic and refined, the interior then becomes a Zen space that optimizes volumes.

American kitchen and neo-retro design

The colours yellow, orange, red and brown will be at the party and your mood will be even better when you come home in the evening. A tip: opt for white walls to bring out the furniture, or head straight for psychedelic wallpaper that matches your new decor. You will find some on the internet where different sites now offer retro models from the 60s to the 90s.

If you like travelling and escaping, you can also opt for an ethnic carpet that will give a retro and warm touch to your home. Add some vintage details such as a Socotel S63 phone with a red dial (you can find second-hand phones for an average of 50 euros, or 100/120 euros for new and full reissues of the kit: you can provide the velvet phone cover from the late 70s, a must! ), an old Teppaz record player, or a state-of-the-art turntable connected to a Marshall Stanmore II speaker, a WHY poster typical of the seventies, and you will live in a different era, in a colorful style.

Velvet sofa and vintage dial telephone